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SEO Mini Audit

We present you with the key areas that will have the greatest impact on search engine rankings, traffic, and the website’s overall goals.

Expert Content Creation

The more expert content we publish on your website, the more for Google to index. That’s how it works!

External & Internal Linking

It’s important to implement a linking strategy both on your website, and offsite. This creates “authority” with Google.

Unlocking Insights

Your analytics dashboard keeps you up-to-date on the stories and questions that are driving traffic to your and your competitors sites.

Project Management

We use project management tools for you to access your work area, to communicate easily with us about your project deliverables.

Coding Solutions

The good old H1 tag. Gotta love em, but you can only have 1 on the page, says Google. We make sure your code is compliant.

“I would absolutely recommend Dotgarden. Evelyn is extremely attentive, easy to work with, and has great ideas that will guide you gently in the right direction.”

Glista Guilford


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