Search Engine Optimization

Every design and build choice we make, we are incorporating all the tools there are to be in good standing with the search engines. We use semantic code built by hand, we structure your content to make sure the search engines can find what you have to offer. We’ve got your back.

Every business website should have a blog. Here’s why: In order for search engines to find your website, there needs to be unique content on your website. I know that is obvious. But, I find that it needs repeating. If you want to be indexed across specific topics, you have to have regularly updated posts that will draw people in from Google. It most likely would be a blog that you update quite regularly, and when you post to it, it pushes the story to Facebook and Twitter. So, by creating a blog on your site you get two for the price of one: You’ve committed to creating specific and deep content for your website on a regular basis AND you hit the social networks with a helpful link to the post and you get to remind them of your company and your expertise.

Using analytics tools, we can create monthly or quarterly reports that help you to understand where you traffic is coming from, make suggestions about what kinds of content to focus on, and to improve upon your successes.