What folks say about working with Dotgarden

“I would use them again in a heartbeat. I work with lots of startups, non-profits, and entrepreneurs who can’t find someone who is dependable or is way too expensive. Dotgarden does both well. An enthusiastic thumbs up.” Mark Gibson Consulting New Tech Network Website San Francisco, California


DOTGARDEN PROVIDES REALLY STRONG, SOLID ADVICE “In addition, without being pushy, Evie can steer us out of a wrong direction. I appreciate her knowledge not only technically, but also how to drive the customer experience.” Krista Clark, New Tech Network Napa, California

Krista Clark, New Tech Network

DOTGARDEN: A VALUABLE PARTNER “Your flexibility and capabilities make you a company I would like to continue to work with in the future and will recommend anytime I get the chance. It is refreshing to work with someone who takes real pride in their work.” Noah Miller, Longevity Through Prevention Gaia Herbs Web site Laguna […]

Noah Miller, Longevity Through Prevention

PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE “I just wanted to mention, if I haven’t in awhile, how great that SEO on my website is. I still appear on page 1 of google on the obvious search terms. While I get most of my clients from direct mail campaigns and referrals, your SEO magic lands me about 1 new, […]

Eileen Coale

MAXIMIZE THE CAPABILITY OF THE INTERNET AS A COST-EFFECTIVE TOOL “Our renovated website enables Pinebrook to maximize the capability of the internet as a cost-effective tool for online marketing and web-based fundraising” said Bob Jacobs, Executive Director. “It doesn’t hurt that the new site is very pleasing to the eyes, easy to navigate, and truly […]

Bob Jacobs, Pinebrook Services

SUCCESS! “Looks perfect and works perfectly. Thanks Dotgarden!” Allison Wolff, for Mass Roots Project Telluride, Colorado

Allison Wolff, Vibrant Planet

REDESIGN PAID FOR ITSELF WITHIN 2 MONTHS “I am a complete technophobe. You helped me define what I need and what I like in a Website. Since the redesign, I have heard nothing but praise about it. The best thing is that it paid for itself within two months of being online.” Liz Kinder, Liz […]

Liz Kinder, Liz Kinder Ceramics

VALUABLE COUNSEL, TECHNICAL EXPERTISE, ARTISTIC DESIGN “Dotgarden’s advice and counsel was of great value to me. A lot of designers want to make you happy, so they do what you tell them, but the end result is not user friendly. Or they go the other way and it works well from a technological point of […]

Michael Thomas Ford, Author

BEFORE: “BORING.” AFTER: “RICH, VIBRANT AND ENGAGING” “Dotgarden was instrumental in helping us get our website to the next level. Before the redesign, our web presence was just pages of boring text. Now our site is rich, vibrant and engaging.” Richard Shiu, Co-owner, Best in Show San Francisco, California

Richard Shiu, Best in Show

REACHABLE AND RESPONSIVE “What I liked best about working with Dotgarden was the fact that they really understood what I was asking, how I wanted the site to flow and feel. Dotgarden was very reachable and responsive, and a pleasure to work with.” Aaron Wilcox, Market Flavor San Francisco, California

Aaron Wilcox, Market Flavor

A WEBSITE YOU CAN BE PROUD OF “I would absolutely recommend Dotgarden. When you can take pride in telling someone your website address, when you have no hesitation, it makes you very proud. I have many people tell me how much they like our website all the time.” Glista Guilford, ReadiSorb™ Products Palo Alto, California

Glista Guilford, ReadiSorb™ Products

“I like the fact that Dotgarden is interested in finding ways to give the client control and management of their web site. We can post newsletters and change content on the website, and we don’t have to be a web designer to understand how to do that. It’s a more dynamic web site when you […]