Newtech Network

In today’s world we wear so many hats it’s difficult to focus. Evie really helps bring that element of focus that’s much needed. She has amazing attention to detail and a solid skill set.

I’ve never had to “manage” or track Evie. She’s completely proactive and responsive.

Krista Clark, New Tech Network

My work with New Tech Network

I am grateful for my long-term partnership with New Tech Network, which spanned over a decade. Initially, I built their site using Drupal CMS, but later transitioned it to a custom WordPress installation, significantly enhancing their online presence. Throughout our collaboration, I managed their website, graphics, technology upgrades, and CRM integration.

Additionally, I set up their managed hosting, YouTube channel, and custom maps, and contributed original photography and media production. This comprehensive support has helped New Tech Network thrive and better serve their K-12 educational mission.